Four Ways Twitter Helps the Entertainment Venue

Entertainment venues in all cities across the world showcase every artistic pursuit including dance, live music, spoken word and live theater. Most venues, especially the ones that feature bands, will have multiple shows per night, which means there is a lot of information to get out to their fans in a very short amount of time. This is why Twitter is such a great fit for the marketing aspect of entertainment venues; it is communication in real time which artistic fans respond to.

Here are four ways Twitter can help an entertainment venue gain followers, increase sales, and build business.


  1. 1.       It promotes community.

Lovers of performance art and music are very community oriented. They want to be in the know and in constant contact with what is going on. Twitter allows them to feel this community by giving them daily updates of what to expect from their favorite venues. However, the community I’m talking about is also between entertainment venues that are on Twitter. Giving each other shout outs and retweets helps both parties find and gain new followers, and it brings these venues into a sort of camaraderie that will be mutually beneficial online as well as offline.

  1. 2.       It gets the word out quicker than anything else.

Because many venues book multiple shows and acts per night or per week, there are always tickets going on sale, and there is usually new booking news to share with followers. Twitter is the perfect platform to share these updates because followers will be constantly checking in to see what’s going on. This will increase the number of people who actually attend these events which increases business on a regular basis.

  1. 3.       It allows visual promotion.

There’s nothing cooler than great pictures of a live performance and bands promote themselves with digital fliers to their shows. Tweeting picture links from shows that the venue has had recently, digital flier images or pictures of the venue in general will inspire action from followers to visit and see what is going on in person. Pictures are also great ways to get on a Twitter favorites list, as followers will favorite a picture link tweet to go back to later.

  1. 4.       It links other forms of internet promotion.

Tweet links to official websites, blogs, and other forms of social media to drive traffic there and increase hits. Activity on tweets and activity driven to these other forms of promotion will be read by Google when ranking the sites in its search engine. The more activity that can be inspired through tweeting links and interesting or funny things to comment on, the better Google ranking will be. Interesting tweets are also a great way to get on the Twitter favorites list of followers.


Twitter is such a useful tool for the entertainment venue for more reasons than are listed here; these are just some of the highlights. The most important service that Twitter provides is to connect the venue with the crowds and build relationships, and that’s what running a successful entertainment venue is all about.

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Making Images Work for You

Web content comes in all shapes and forms. Commonly we think of text when we think about web content. But the reason many blogs, articles and web pages even get clicked on is because of the images being clicked on. You can put images to work for your website to improve SEO and increase opportunities to monetize the site.

Images are by far the most popular form of web content today. Anyone with a Facebook page can tell you that. Scrolling through the feed on a Facebook wall, you are more apt to stop at the photos than you are at just a text status update. And consider the popularity of the new social media site Pinterest. People simply “pin” photos to bulletin-like boards for others to see. All of these present opportunities to employ SEO. The text that accompanies these images and those directly on your website, in the URLS, the captions and the meta tags can help draw traffic to your site.

Another way to make the most of images is monetize them. Services like Stipple allow you to tag images with a URL that takes them to videos, websites, PDFs and even download links. You can monetize those images by using links that lead to ads or e-commerce pages. This makes the images you select and use important and valuable.

This site recently went public and allows the sharing of images. Users can “like” images and browse others on the site as well as follow others. This expands the opportunity to monetize the images posted there with your URLS. Owners of the photos there can access analytics that tell them how many likes, shares and such each photo is getting and therefore how well it is performing.

Choosing the right photo is the key to success whether you opt to monetize the image or simply use it to capitalize on SEO to drive traffic. As many search engines and directories use tiny thumbnails to accompany content, it is a good idea to keep photos focused, simple and containing a clear subject.

Crowded, busy or poorly taken photos will cost you viewers. If the image cannot be clearly seen, is out of focus or does not get your message across, it will be passed over. The image you select should exemplify the message you want users to get when they see it. It should be colorful, bold and exciting. It should attract viewers.


If you don’t have your own images, there are numerous sites that have free photos or photos you can use for a reasonable fee. Always make sure you understand the copyright requirements of any image you use on the Internet. If you need assistance, with choosing the right images for your campaign, a qualified SEO service company can help you in this regard. They have access to the sites mentioned and can probably also help you create original images for your website or marketing campaign. There is no reason to leave images out of your web content.

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Ramping Up Your Use of Images for Local SEO

The recent release of Google’s Universal Search now makes it possible for them to include content from other Google verticals along with the main search results. This integration is expected to continue and will ultimately include the more than 200 signals they use for ranking pages. When that happens, it will become critical for your site to be diversified and to optimize SEO so that it ranks well on each of the areas of vertical search.

In the past, many local SEO strategies have limited themselves to the standard “yellow pages” type of data elements and vague search optimisations. Things like using the name and location of the business in the TITLE/H1?Body-text, placing the business address on all of the website pages, maintaining current business profile data in numerous directory listings and other efforts were the most commonly employed techniques and they leave a  great deal to be desired. Expanding your business information to include image optimisations can improve your ranking.

When a user looks for a local business, they are usually looking for the basics – the name, address, contact information, the hours they are open and such. However, if the listing was more informative, it might not be necessary to call the business with further inquiries. Images along with the listing can convey a broad range of information that can answer all sorts of consumer questions.

Established pages that have the necessary text can benefit from the addition of images. The caption can include the necessary keywords to help draw the search engine’s attention to the page. If the page is about sprockets in Spokane and the picture is of sprockets n Spokane, it adds juice to your search rankings.

By using images on your pages, you can increase the amount of time users spend on your pages, This, in turn, may increase your incremental traffic and that gives your website more credibility as far as the search engines are concerned.

Since Google likely uses measure of how long a user stays on a page as part of its ranking measurement, keeping them there longer is a definite benefit. When users visit a page and leave it quickly, it prompts a negative signal – something you want to avoid. It tells the search engines that the page isn’t really relevant to the search criteria.

Content that uses imagesseems more open and welcoming. It provides more information and gives users a deeper look at the products and services they are searching for. This can equate to more conversions than just content alone. Showing images gives the impression of an open, honest company – one that customers feel better about doing business with.

Another way to use images is by including logos. These can be your own logos or those of associations and affiliates that lend credibility to your site. Listing the images in a variety of directories might improve the user’s impression of the reliability and quality of your company.

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Do Online Research To Find Unbeatable Window Replacement Chicago Offers

It is always good to be home. The environment of tranquillity and peace gives us the relaxation our bodies need after a hard day or night (for those who work at night) of work. It also gives us freedom and security to be ourselves. Windows are an essential part of the house. They not only let in air and light, they also add to the beauty of a home. Sometimes we need to change our windows for various reasons, as we shall see below. You need a reliable window replacement firm that would take your needs to heart. Chicago residents need to look no further. There are unbeatable window replacement Chicago offers to ensure you get the very best in the market.

window replacement ChicagoYou may find that your current window does not give you the required security level. This is more of those that live near roads and busy areas. In this case, it is advisable to seek replacement with a window that has enhanced security features. Furthermore, you may find that the current window is in such a bad state that it would be better to replace instead of repairing it. For example, wooden windows are most affected by weather changes, to such a point that they become brittle, and they need replacement at this point. The same happens to glass windows whose metallic bars may have corroded and become loose.

Window replacement Chicago also takes care of instances where you may need a window to increase lighting into your house. In this case, you may decide to change from a wooden to a metal frame window or increase the size of an existing window.

There are several types of replacement windows. To start with, there are vinyl replacement windows. These are of high quality, and come with inward tint that is easy to clean. They allow a lot of light thus reducing your energy bills too. They are also cost effective and affordable. You could also be changing your windows to a more private and secure alternative, in which case glass block windows could serve you the best. They are not only secure and offer privacy, they also allow more light and are quite stylish, and make a good replacement option.

Areas around Chicago sometimes suffer from huge storms. In such cases most of the windows take a beating. You may need window replacement Chicago for a more wind resistant type, in which storm windows are the best. They are durable and able to withstand heavy winds from strong storms. Storm windows come in many styles and colors, and fit into every style and house color. You can have custom-made windows to fit your exact style. This is especially nice for those who live in houses that were constructed decades ago.

All shapes, sizes, types, and colors of replacement windows can be purchased in today’s market. By going online, you can see many examples of the different types available before even speaking to the first company. This will help you decide what you want and what you can spend before you contract a company. Doing this online research may even net you huge discounts by setting up your free consultation on a companies website.

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